Learning Outcome #1

My favorite revision strategies depend on what needs work in my essay. My first step in my revision process usually starts with analyzing my thesis. If I do not feel comfortable with how my thesis is holding up I will refer to my peer’s comments and start there. I also like to look at my Intro sentences to most of my body paragraphs, I always want them to stay on point with my main argument I am making . The next step in my revision strategy is looking at my textual evidence, which is always important to the body of an essay. If my peer does not think that my evidence is strong I will go back into the text and find another piece of evidence that relates to my argument. I then like to know if my analysis of the evidence is strong enough as well.  The analysis represents your knowledge of what you are writing about, so this is one of the most important pieces of the essay.  I then want to know if my conclusion is also strong enough. I will then refer to my peer’s comments to find out if my argument is concluded well. 

Learning Outcome #2

For my final draft of our second essay, I wanted to integrate a lot of textual evidence from YO-YO Ma’s essay. I knew that for in order for my draft to be successful, I needed to have textual evidence, and I needed to introduce that evidence well. [ With the ever changing society we live in today comes a boat load of people challenging outdated thought with often labeled “edgy” fresh ideals. Society usually looks away from these people because society hates change. They think if something has worked for all of this time, why change it? “Equilibrium occurs when the information from the edges is available at the core. Only when those meridians or pathways that connect the edges to the middle are open will a life-form survive, and even prosper” (Ma 260). I believe what Yo-Yo Ma is saying here can be connected to the human brain. The information from the “edges” is from people who are always trying out new thought, and the values we have at the core are the values we have believed in and the values society has believed in for generations.]

Learning Outcomes 5 and 6

The excerpt I chose from  one of my essays clearly demonstrates the correct MLA functions. The chosen significant writing project shows my ability to cite sources using MLA guidelines and to make local revisions to address my typical errors.

Learning Outcome 4

Peer review is one of the things that I have always struggled with in English. However, the more we have worked with it the more comfortable I have been feeling about peer review. My comments like this one, have continued to get better: “Overall, while there are some benefits to incorporating art into STEM i do not think that is entirely necessary because many people will be against it and will resist the change as much as they possibly can. In an academic standpoint i can understand the resistance to the transition of STEAM because the art students will resist having to take science and math classes, even though it should be a two way street and should require art students to take science and math classes. In a professional standpoint i can see the importance of incorporating art into science and math because it can help lead to the further development of the scientific, medical, and engineering field. After reading both Yo-Yo Ma’s and Jonah Lehrer’s essays it has helped me to see the importance and unimportance of the incorporation of art into the STEM field.”