After writing my essay, and after getting it peer reviewed, I now believe I have a strong enough revision plan to make my essay stellar.  My goal for my revision plan is to create and maintain a fully operating thesis. I had thought I had a good enough working thesis, but after my peers read my paper they concluded that I in fact did not. After asking them questions about how they made their thesis, I now think i have a good opportunity to create a functional thesis.

The steps I will take to achieve this goal will be to go back into my essay and find my essential points of argument. Once I am able to find them I have to create a good lead in my intro into the thesis. I will have good background information to introduce my thesis.  Once all of this is done I will craft my thesis and make sure it coordinates with my essential theme.

My biggest challenge is not getting too repetitive in my essay. Over the years writing essays, this has always been one of my problems.  I feel at times I say the same point over and over, but after asking my peers they did not feel it was too repetitive.

If I continue to have problems with this challenge of not being too repetitive I will consult my peers for help. I think peer help is a very valuable resource at our disposal, and i will be sure to use it if this problem comes around again.