I plan to incorporate other media outlets in this essay. I plan to use videos or articles to help convey my point of beauty and how we see beauty.


I plan to talk about art and beauty and I’m planning on using this source about Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” and how it is considered art. The argument about if this is art or not is always a heated one so I hope Ill be able to find both sides of it.

Part 2:

In my essay I want to be able to have a strong thesis and I want to establish my point from the start. I plan to talk about what beauty is to me, and I plan to summarize Schiller’s understanding of beauty and how it relates to my understanding of beauty. I also plan to interpret the video “What is art for?” and how it relates to my thoughts on art and beauty.  For my multimodal element of my essay I plan to use photos and links to help convey my message of beauty and how art relates to beauty.