My favorite revision strategies depend on what needs work in my essay. My first step in my revision process usually starts with analyzing my thesis. If I do not feel comfortable with how my thesis is holding up I will refer to my peer’s comments and start there. I also like to look at my Intro sentences to most of my body paragraphs, I always want them to stay on point with my main argument I am making . The next step in my revision strategy is looking at my textual evidence, which is always important to the body of an essay. If my peer does not think that my evidence is strong I will go back into the text and find another piece of evidence that relates to my argument. I then like to know if my analysis of the evidence is strong enough as well.  The analysis represents your knowledge of what you are writing about, so this is one of the most important pieces of the essay.  I then want to know if my conclusion is also strong enough. I will then refer to my peer’s comments to find out if my argument is concluded well